At Principia Hospitality, we are focused on five core values: hospitality, integrity, quality, vision and creativity. We hold these values at the forefront of our operating philosophy.


It’s not a catch-phrase with us; it’s a way of life. We strive to create a warm, friendly environment, not only for our guests, but also for our employees. We value each employee for the strengths that they bring to the enterprise, and work to continuously improve those strengths and to assist them in develop their careers. The result is a staff that is just as committed to the enterprise as we are to them. It may seem a little counter-intuitive, but that level of commitment to our employees translates to higher guest satisfaction, and higher profits as well.


We may be old-fashioned, but integrity is important to us at all levels of our operations. In every interaction, from guests to our employees, from our franchisees to our business partners, we foster integrity. How? By being honest in all our communications; by stressing accountability at all levels of the hotel; by encouraging a free flow of communications and ideas up and down the management chain; and by holding a commitment to our operational standards.


We are committed to exceeding expectations, with a focus on quality accommodations and service. We emphasize this commitment from an employee’s first day on the job, and continue to stress it’s importance every single day. Our emphasis on housekeeping cleanliness though daily housekeeping inspections, training, and quality awards leads to clean and comfortable rooms for each and every guest. We also emphasize consistency in preventive maintenance, to ensure that the hotel looks as nice in year ten, as on the opening day.


Our approach to hotel management is not only to evaluate where we are in comparison to where we want to be, but to look at what is possible. The strategic positioning of a hotel is the basic building block of it’s sales and marketing plan. Understanding who you are leads inevitably to where you want to go.


We encourage our employees to constantly think of how things can be done better. Where can they find that next great sales lead? How can service be improved? It’s not about employees doing their jobs, but finding ways to improve their jobs, and the entire hotel operation in the process.

Contact us today and let us put these Core Values to work building revenues and profitability in your hotel.

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