Leadership and Teamwork Training

Principia Hospitality provides a wide range of Leadership and Teamwork Training, including custom designed solutions.

Manager’s Coaching Clinic
The Managers Coaching Clinic teaches participants how to build and lead high performing teams. It is an intensive 4.5 day session, where participants learn by direct experience a system whereby they apply leadership skills in their own environment. Based on the belief that leaders are not born, but made, the participants develop the skills to build trust and instill confidence in their people.

Advanced Coaching Clinic
This program provides an extended focus on leadership, behavioral characteristics and planning in a largely experiential environment. This course is only available to previous graduates of the Manager’s Coaching Clinic.

Decision Making and Problem Solving
Decision making is an imprecise science that tends to be based upon some facts, some analysis, and sometimes, a visceral feeling. In this course, participants will learn to identify the steps in problem solving, and will be introduced to helpful tools to assist in making their decisions. A portion of the course is devoted to an exercise in building consensus as one form of decision making.

Group Dynamics
In today’s highly competitive environment, teamwork has become essential and synonymous with organizational success. In achieving unprecedented heights in any industry, company athletic team or local community, teamwork is always the common factor. Within this session participants will learn group dynamics and the roles that individuals take when working in both small and large group environments. They will learn how to bring all the players together to focus on a common goal to achieve greatness.

High Performance Leadership
Great leaders possess the ability to take a group of individuals and motivate them to develop into a single-minded unit. This is accomplished by understanding the behavioral tendencies of the members, and organizing them to maximize the impact of each of their strengths, and through the utilization of superior communication skills.

Strategic and Tactical Planning
Participants learn the principles to developing and Strategic and Tactical Plan. In addition, we help guide your team through developing company and departmental strategic and tactical plans. They will determine, not only what they need to accomplish, but how they will accomplish it.

Team building
Participants learn and experience the elements of a high performing team. Utilizing experiential problem solving, they learn how to recognize barriers to effective teamwork as well as methods of overcoming those barriers to maximize team and organizational performance. In addition, the participants gain situational awareness, given a specific situation understanding what actions the team must take to succeed. Only by working together under solid leadership and teamwork will the team succeed. As a result, the experiential problem solving builds team cohesiveness and creativity with everyone sharing the intensity of the experience.

Team Coordination Program
Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires that a company provide high levels of integrity and performance at every level of the sales, delivery, follow-up, and ongoing relationship building process. Issues such as competitive pressures, time constraints, customer demands, upper management requirements, poor communication, and human nature contribute to the downfall of many teams and systems.

The team coordination program is an intensive session that is designed to improve interdepartmental teamwork. Team members learn to create a common vision, improve communication, sharpen skills, and develop an improved problem solving system. This session utilizes an intensive, company-specific, case study to assist participants in solving multi-dimensional, recurring organizational problems.

Leadership and Teamwork Training

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