Competitive Strategies and Tactics

Principia Hospitality provides a wide range of Training for development of Competitive Strategies and Tactics, including custom designed solutions.

Commando Tactics
The hotel environment has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. With the growth of competition and the shrinking supply, it’s easy to fall into the same marketing path as everyone else, and throw money into traditional sales and marketing vehicles, or engaging in a lose-lose battle of cutting rates.

The alternative is to train your team to do more with less.
This program your team members will learn to be commandos. They will implement a system where the team learns to gain competitive information, analyze it and then create strategies and tactics to gain business and market share. They will also learn how to defend market share positions within accounts.

Creating the C2 Intelligence Section
Today’s business battlefield is highly fluid, brutal and brief. Sales teams have to react quickly to threats and opportunities. They need constant updates on competitor capabilities, vulnerabilities and probable courses of action. They must be able to analyze competitive information, develop strategies and tactics and then execute to gain market share. Participants learn a system to gather competitive intelligence, effectively communicate this information within the organization, and create a tactical plan to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Sales War Fighting
Whether for the sake of corporations, doctrinaires or just grand old tradition, there appears to be an immovable fixation upon attrition theory within the US Business world – at times approaching the madness of extinction. The priorities found in training manuals, in schools, in sales organizations, and most important in the heart of corporate leaders often appear to be aimed at destroying rather than defeating – at fighting fairly rather than stealing every possible advantage over the competition, and at pursuing tedious perfection rather than “bold stroke” decisive results. Virtually every effort – whether designing new technology, improving processes, developing tactical concepts or training leaders – appears bent on fighting toe-to-toe on a broad front with a prepared competitor, leaning into his strength and outlasting him, rather than out-thinking him.

Sales War fighting is designed to teach sales teams how to use maneuver warfare to achieve decisive results. It teaches them to be sales leaders – to out-think rather than out-last the competition. It teaches them how to be a truly flexible, effective force. Within the Sales War fighting session, participants will learn the why, what, and how of War fighting. They will learn how friction, uncertainty, risk, change, fluidity, and human elements impact the sales battlefield. Participants will learn how to use speed, tempo, and pace to increase their winning percentages. In addition, participants will create an offensive campaign to gain market share.

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