Historic Hotel Management

Historic Hotel Management:

Managing Historic Hotels is a very specialized discipline within the hospitality world. It can present a unique and complicated of challenges unlike any other type of hotel, and requires a sophisticated and multi-disciplinary approach.

We understand that historical properties have an important place in their communities, and can be the driving force behind historic preservation and economic revitalization plans that can bring additional sources of revenues to the property.

Ensuring the integrity of the asset is the first objective in managing a historic hotel. The hotel’s defining character and uniqueness must be preserved and made relevant to modern demands on hotels, and may require simultaneous plans for preservation and restoration. We begin by conducting an extensive property view, covering hotel infrastructure, appointments, operational needs, and a room by room review of the hotel to determine capital needs of the property.

The Principia Sales and Marketing team finds ways to leverage the uniqueness of the historic hotel, to drive revenues and occupancy, while providing the highest level of service, to produce a profitable and sustainable revenue stream.

The Principia Hospitality specializes in Historic Hotel Management, bringing years of experience in hotels such as La Posada Hotel in Laredo, Texas, The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, and the Grove Park Inn and Country Club in Asheville, North Carolina.

Principia Hospitality is able to address all the needs of Historic Hotels:

Market Study
Architectural Review
Infrastructure needs
Historical Review
Hotel Restoration
Property Renovations
Market Positioning
Sales & Marketing Plans
Operational Plans

Learn More about Principia Hospitality Management and how we can leverage the uniqueness of your historic hotel to build greater guest loyalty and profitability.

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