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Principia Hospitality provides a wide range of Sales Training, including custom designed solutions.

Value-Based Selling
The marketplace today is experiencing massive cultural and value shifts. Buyers have lots of choices today – not only in hotels and services, but also in the value level of the professionals from whom they buy. All around we see buyers becoming more selective in what hotels they choose and even more importantly from whom they buy. So it becomes painfully clear to us that today more than ever, hotel sales professionals must learn to partner with their clients to enable both parties to gain competitive advantage in their respective market places.

Value-Based Selling program teaches participants to differentiate themselves from the typical salesperson. The participants learn to:

1) Build rapport quickly,
2) Diagnose customer needs,
3) Sell/communicate the value of themselves and their hotel,
4) Prescribe solutions that motivate the customer to action, and
5) Consummate transactions effectively.

Value-Based Selling for Major Accounts
In addition to the skills learned in the Value-Based Selling program, participants learn how to gather and analyze the proper information on target accounts, allowing them to be more effective in selling to those accounts. In addition, participants learn to work with and sell to organizations with multiple decision makers. They learn to build a business case that motivates the decision-makers to action

Sales Assault School
Today’s sales arena is a competitive landscape and promises to become even more so in the future. The successful hotel salesperson of today must be extremely effective and efficient.

Hotel Salespersons of the future will fall within one of three categories. There will be “Hunter-Killers,” Account Managers, and Customer Service Agents. The current training doctrine of most hotels is designed to enhance the skills of Account Managers and Customer Service Agents.

The “Hunter-Killer” sales type is overlooked and ignored, and for good reason. Hotel operators do not know how to find, train, and lead Hunter-Killer sales people. At the Sales Assault School, we believe that the true ‘sword-point’ of any sales effort comes from this “Hunter-Killer.” “Hunter-Killers” are a special breed. They possess extraordinary behavioral traits which enable them to keep moving forward, continuously attacking new targets, living and fighting on their own. To survive, they must be nurtured, trained and properly compensated for who and what they are. At the Sales Assault School we identify, assess, recruit, and train Hunter Killer sales types.

Pinnacle Performance Negotiations
In today’s highly competitive hotel environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain reasonable profit margins. Every day it seems like there is a new competitor popping up newer rooms, and more amenities. Customers and prospective customers are becoming sharper, better informed and better skilled at negotiating. What used to seem like a friendly and reasonable process has become an all out negotiating war with selling organizations cutting their margins to the bone.

Within Pinnacle Performance Negotiations participants will learn to negotiate “win-win” sales with increased margins and increased customer satisfaction.

Tactical Account Planning
Understanding how to grow market share within an existing customer account is a challenge at every level of a hotel sales organization. It requires analysis, planning, communication and teamwork. Within this intensive Tactical Account Planning session, participants learn how to grow market share within existing accounts.

Winning Presentations
Presenting a solution seems so simple yet it is the most under utilized step when working with potential clients. It is also the crucial element in communicating ideas and solutions to customers, peers, superiors, and subordinates.

A person must have the ability to communicate ideas and solutions in such a way that creates action. We all communicate and present solutions in some form or another, however, very few of us are proficient at it.

Whether it is choosing the right approach, tools or formats, creating an effective presentation can be a complicated and confusing process. Great presenters have the power to accomplish almost anything. They appear prepared, professional and credible.

Great presenters instill confidence in their audience/team members. There is definitely value in a Winning Presentation and a cost to a poor one. Within this intensive session, participants will learn the verbal, physical, and written skills necessary to deliver a winning presentation.

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