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Principia Hospitality has a robust offering of services to help and change the strategic dynamic at your hotel. We help you maximize your investment by improving Guest Retention, achieve cost reductions, improve sales success, and gain greater market share, and realize the full value of the hotel’s assets through a continuous process of value creation and enhancement.

Hotel Management
Specializing in Historic and Boutique Hotels, Principia can help you take your hotel to the next level. By focusing on the principles that make hotels profitable, we develop teams focused on improving hotel profitability, through increased market penetration, improved Guest Satisfaction, solid asset management, and a ubiquitous sales effort.
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The effectiveness of your sales team can make a huge impact on your hotels profitability. Understanding your market, your competitive strengths and weaknesses and being able to formulate targeted sales efforts to protect your client base while increasing market share and improving hotel profitability is imperative in this period of increasing competition and shrinking demand.

Hotel Marketing has taken on a greater complexity with the sophistication of the guests utilizing property web sites and third party web sites to shop rates and availability. The growing popularity of the Web 2.0 offers additional marketing opportunities if executed well. Effective hotel marketing goes much deeper than placing a few ads in traditional media. Shrinking marketing dollars as a result of shrinking markets make selecting the proper message and placement even more critical in a down economy.

Hotel Development
We understand that in order to meet the expectations of the ownership, we have to understand their goals and marry them to our strategic vision. The result is a Strategic Planning that is aggressive in it’s approach to the market, conservative in anticipated results; and successfully navigates the complicated passage of a new hotel opening, reopening after renovation, or conversion to a new brand or management team.
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Hotel Stabilization & Strategic Deployment
Principia Strategic Deployment utilizes teams of experienced hospitality professionals to assist Lenders and Banks with the transition and stabilization of hotel assets during property take-over operations.
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Web Development
Online Marketing is no luxury in today’s competitive environment. To beat the competition, you need a robust interactive web site that focuses on client acquisition, conversion and retention.
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Recruitment and Staffing
To drive success, you must select people who have the potential to be top performers. Finding and keeping the right employees has a tremendous impact on your organization’s financial performance. Poor selection practices can cause disruptions and lost productivity in even the best-run organizations. Principia Hospitality has the experience to assist you in building highly successful and focused teams. We excel at both permanent placement and temporary staffing solutions.

Training Programs
Our robust training programs can help you to make bold and decisive changes in your hotel’s profitability. From our Intensive Sales Training programs to Strategic and Tactical Planning, Principia Training Options give you the tools to change your hotel’s performance in the marketplace, and take advantage of opportunities which might otherwise have gone unnoticed.
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Revenue Management
The discipline of hotel revenue management has grown more complex in recent years to to the growing sophistication of Revenue Management platforms, Electronic chanel distributions systems, third party travel sites, global distribution systems and electronic database management. In addition, the role of revenue management is expanding to include other revenue centers including spas and function spaces.

Food & Beverage
Restaurants that add individuality to their hotel’s ambiance and memorable experiences to the hotel guests can also help to drive hotel profitability. Developing the right concept that fits the hotel’s identity and market is key to making this happen.
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With our wealth of experience in hotel renovations, Principia will manage, direct and coordinate the entire renovation process from design and approval to construction and FF&E installation, ensuring that all related aspects of the renovation is coordinated in a cost effective manner.

Principia Capital Group
Principia Capital Group is a opportunity to participate in well funded acquisitions of properties which fit a rigorous profile for long term profitability and return on investment.
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REO Management

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Web Development

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