Management Development

Principia Hospitality provides a wide range of Training for Development of Hotel Leaders, Managers and organizations, including custom designed solutions.

Financial Dynamics
In today’s highly complex business environment, hotel leaders are becoming more and more detached from their organizations. On one hand it’s because organizations aren’t as stable as they used to be, changing ownership on a regular basis. On the other hand, many people are disconnected because they no longer have a feel for the business. Hotel operating conditions that were once easily predictable, ADR, Occupancy, RevPar, Budgets, have now become steeped in financial analysis. Unfortunately, most hotel managers are not prepared to analyze the finances of a hotel and end up playing a wishing and guessing game. Within Financial Dynamics, the participants will learn the mechanics of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash-Flow Statement and hoe their actions and decisions impact profitability.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict is a natural fact of life; it’s inevitable. However, if not handled correctly it can be destructive to the hotel staff and interfere with hotel operations and profitability. Conflict is a state of disharmony between individuals. It revolves around power, misunderstandings, and communications breakdowns. When one person perceives that another has taken some action that will cause a negative effect, conflict arises. Participants learn to resolve conflict both with their team members and customers. Conflict is examined as a ‘natural’ state of humanity and participants study the most common conflict ‘styles’ and learn what their own style of conflict resolution is, and how to deal with difficult people.

Interpersonal Relationships
Relationships involve both group and individual behaviors and activities that require an understanding beyond mere observation. Participants in this course examine human behavioral ‘types,’ their strengths, weaknesses, and optimal groupings within organizations. They learn to identify how to maximize each person’s potential by matching their strengths with the hotel needs and learn methods of improving on weak points. The group will focus on the difference between socialization and individualization as each manifests itself in human behavior, and will learn how to create a balance between them in an organization.

Time Piracy
The value of time, like most commodities, is determined by supply and demand. As business executives, our time is measured by results within specific time frames. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of responsibilities and demands of our hotels, it seems like more often than not we are not utilizing our time in the most effective manner, working in reactive mode versus proactive mode. As a result, we tend to get focused on the micro versus maintaining the macro vision essential to lead our team. Within Time Piracy, participants learn ways to minimize their reactive time and maximize their proactive time.

This process allows hotel leaders to reinforce concepts taught in any of Principia Training sessions. This program serves not only to reinforce previously attended programs, but provides a valuable tool for the hotel leader to monitor the progress of team members.

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