Management Approach

1. Customer Service Commitment

From the initial reservation to the last interaction with staff at checkout, we strive to build relationships that last lifetimes.

2. Operational Strength

Our strength is in the details. We take care of everything, from top to bottom, so you don’t have to. Our associates understand their role in the overall success of the hotel.

3. Sales Approach

We work the market harder and smarter than the competition, emphasizing the value in the hotels we represent and the services they offer. We seek new customers in traditional markets, but go further in building clients from areas where the competition never thinks to look.

The Sales effort never ends. It doesn’t matter where our employees work, they are taught that they are salespeople, and guest interaction is key.

4. Vision

We operate hotels in a competitive environment, and strategic thinking is essential to ensure long-term success. We make it our business to understand your goals, and work to make them a reality.

5. Long-term asset management

Our approach is to build partnerships for long-term growth and profitability. Value growth depends on asset management that employs long-term planning and execution, to ensure the quality of the hotel for the future.

6. Personnel development

From the first day our employees are hired, they receive training in superior customer service. That commitment continues throughout their career with us. Our employees are constantly challenged to give the best of themselves each and every day.

As competitive as the current workplace is, attracting and retaining the best employees becomes a competitive environment, and we are prepared to lead the competition.

7. Core beliefs

Hospitality is all about service, and creating a warm friendly environment that is pleasing to the senses, respectful of the individual, is value driven.

We know that our clients come to us by choice. We listen to our customers and respond to their needs, and always seek to exceed their expectations. We have a personal responsibility to maintain our customer’s loyalty and trust.

A true culture of hospitality extends its’ benefits not just those who stay in our hotels, but to all stake-holders in the partnership.

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